what is a telehealth in psychology

As the world changes, people are relying more and more on telehealth for their care. Telehealth can be done over the computer, your phone, or anywhere you can access the internet. This makes it far more convenient than scheduling an appointment and making the trip. This sort of new technology has been evolving for several years. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, it excelled and has become more of the norm than it ever was before.

This new phase of providing care allows psychologists to reach out to more people in a more convenient fashion. Mental health is so important, and we recognize that more than ever. With everyone being so busy, connecting with your psychologist can become a bit tricky. However, telehealth is here to save the day.

Telehealth allows you to be in a room or your vehicle during your session. You will log in to the session wherever you are. This is amazing for those that have issues with driving to their appointments. It is also very helpful for those that travel a lot but know they need help. It is fast and convenient and only takes your session time. There is no need to schedule drive time or wait in the waiting room. Because of this, more people are finding that seeing a psychologist is easier than it was ever before.

Psychology Brought to You Wherever You Are

Dr. NIsha Todi is a Clinical Psychologist that offers assistance to those in Arizona. You can reach out to get started. Telehealth has many benefits, including ease of entry, consistency, expanded reach, no need for long waits in the waiting room, and germ-free. If you feel that you need assistance with your mental health, reach out today at 480-494-7589 to get started.

It is possible to feel hopeful, confident, and at peace with yourself, no matter what obstacles you are facing. We all have different life struggles and while some of us carry it better than others, remember you are not alone. Reaching out to a Psychologist is the first step to a new you. While you might be anxious about the entire situation, you get to do this on time. You don’t have to travel to an unknown office to speak with Dr. Nisha Todi. You can do it right in your own home, office, or vehicle. This allows patients to feel more comfortable yet get the help that they need.

As a telehealth provider, Dr. Nisha Todi assists her patients with various issues such as:

  • Relationship concerns
  • Life Transitions
  • Domestic violence
  • Anxiety
  • Sexual Assult
  • Body Image
  • Depression
  • Racial/Cultural Identiy
  • Trauma and PTSD
  • More.

Whatever it is that you are struggling with, know that there is hope, and you are not alone  Simply reach out at 480-494-7589 to get started  Setting up an appointment is the first step. From there Dr. Nisha Todi can help with an assessment, diagnosis, consultation, and figuring out a treatment plan that will help you reach your goals.