Therapy on your terms

Therapy on your terms

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Dr. Nisha Todi- Clinical Psychologist in Arizona

Online Therapy – Your Personalized Care

Communicating with me online is equally as effective as in-person without the commute. There is no additional cost and it can actually save you money when you factor in the travel time. It will reduce the time away from your job and still give you the necessary time that you need to focus on your goals.

Our sessions are completely secure and confidential. You don’t need to worry about what you say or how to express your feelings. We are in a safe space and it isn’t compromised by the internet.

Our communication is still very personalized for you. We will interract the same as if we were face to face because we are! Hearing inflection of voice and seeing facial expressions is not lost through telehealth. Our sessions are completely authentic.

Our safe space is between you and me, no one else will be online or in the room.No one else will be listening. I value your privacy and respect our time so you can feel confident to work on any area you feel is pivotal to your success.

Telehealth has opened up the possibility for clients like you who may not be located close to our office, has challenges taking time off work, or may not even know about our office. This allows us to connect when we might not have previously. Perfect for clients outside Gilbert, or medically compromised patients who cannot travel to and from appointments.

Dr. Nisha Todi- Clinical Psychologist in Arizona

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Scheduling Your Appointment Is Easy

Courageous Choices

Taking control of your life is an amazing first step. I believe in having someone along to help guide you in establishing solid and lasting patterns that truly do make a difference in how you interract in the world around you.

Break old patterns that don’t serve you anymore, dissolve any hurt you may have carried from your past and let go of the beliefs that have been holding you back from what you truly desire in life.

Feel the confidence that comes from taking control of your life!

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Ready to take the next step?

Our lives can be a complicated dance of what we want and want to achieve with our past tugging us back. Taking control of your life and choosing to be free from anything that doesn’t align with your goals can be accomplished.

Specializing in:

Racial/Cultural Identity
Body Image
Sexual Assult
Domestic Violence
Life Transitions