It can be discouraging when you notice yourself repeating the same patterns but feel unable to change. Experiencing difficult emotions can lead you to react in ways that are unhelpful and unhealthy. You may feel like you can’t control how triggers from your past impact your current relationships. Maybe you find yourself feeling guilty, depressed, angry, anxious, or ashamed, making it difficult for you to connect with others and lead a more fulfilling life. It can be scary to pursue therapy because you want to make sure you find someone who will listen, understand, and validate your experience.

Imagine feeling in control and knowing you can confidently handle triggers of past experiences. What would it be like to know you did not have to hide or feel ashamed of showing the real you to others? It is possible to feel confident, hopeful, and at peace.

Telehealth Provider

Telehealth is defined as the use of synchronous (real-time information sharing) or asynchronous (relay of information with lag time) telecommunications technology by a telehealth provider to provide health care services, including, but not limited to, the assessment, diagnosis, consultation, treatment, and monitoring of a patient, transfer of medical data, patient and professional health-related education, public health services, and health administration.


While I am experienced in working with many varied challenges that people face, these are my primary areas of specialty: