Relationships are an invaluable and necessary part of our lives. They bring us warmth, fulfillment and a sense of purpose. When we have strong connections with our partners, family, friends and colleagues, we are at our healthiest and most productive. We rely on our relationships for advice, support and companionship.

As wonderful as relationships are, they require effort to maintain. Effective social skills, communication skills and interpersonal skills are all needed to keep our relationships functioning in a healthy manner. These skills don’t come automatically; they are learned through experience, over time. Sometimes our most important relationships can break down for a variety of reasons and leave us feeling confused, frustrated, sad or lonely.

If you or your loved ones are experiencing issues with the relationships in your life, Dr. Nisha can help. Our team are experienced, talented and empathetic, helping individuals just like you improve the relationships in their life and live their best life forward.

Types of Relationship Issues

Trust has been violated and it can be difficult to restore it. Infidelity, lying and secrets surrounding finances or addiction are just a few examples. These experiences are heartbreaking and often lead to the end of the relationship without professional intervention.

You’re at your wit’s end and feel that you have tried everything to save the relationship to no avail. Your differences feel too great to overcome. You may feel that too much damage has been done or that you cannot forgive your partner.

Couples who are on the path to marriage may seek out additional guidance and support to work on improving their communication or discussing their expectations. There may be barriers in the way that are preventing you from comfortably moving forward with marriage.

Whether it’s one family member at the root of the issue or multiple issues that have built up over an extended period of time, family issues can cause a large amount of emotional pain.

Relationships involving two people from different backgrounds can experience additional stress. You may be experiencing difficulties with adjusting to these differences. Perhaps, there are issues with loved ones not being accepting of your relationship.

Types of Relationship Counseling

Whatever the relationship issue, there is help available. You can attend counseling individually to help you work through personal issues that are negatively impacting your relationships. Perhaps, you need support in moving on from a breakup or divorce. Couples counseling utilizes talk therapy in a way that is designed to help two individuals learn to communicate better and address their specific needs in a relationship. Family counseling is also available to work on painful issues stemming from issues with family dynamics. Multiple family members can attend these therapeutic sessions.

How counseling can help

There is no shame in seeking professional help. Relationship counselors are specifically trained in a variety of issues impacting relationships. When you contact us to learn more about our therapeutic services, you will be met with encouragement and understanding.

Engaging in relationship counseling can help you learn more about yourself, as well as, help you learn how to be a better partner, family member and friend to your loved ones. It’s never too late to seek counseling, regardless of the situation.