• can telehealth help with anxiety

Can Telehealth Help With Anxiety?

July 31st, 2022|

Anxiety is the most commonly diagnosed mental disease in both children and adults. One out of every 13 people suffers from an anxiety condition, which is further classified into three major categories: social phobia, panic disorder, and specific phobias. Severe anxiety episodes can increase an individual's quality of life while also putting a strain on the physical and mental healthcare providers who strive to care [...]

  • what is the difference between telehealth and teletherapy

What is the difference between telehealth and teletherapy?

July 29th, 2022|

Telehealth, in general, uses technology to provide individuals with various remote health treatments. Teletherapy, also done remotely, focuses on mental health or talk therapy. While they both use very similar, if not the same, technology, what they provide is very different. Telehealth and teletherapy may sound similar, but they are not the same thing. Understanding the distinction between the two is critical in determining which [...]

  • what are the benefits of telehealth counseling

What are the benefits of telehealth counseling?

July 27th, 2022|

It's no secret that today's youth desire mobility. Smartphones, computers, and work-from-home opportunities have produced a new work environment. Communication no longer requires physical presence. This enables everything from working remotely while traveling to staying at home full-time with children. One of the most crucial aspects is the flexibility provided by technology. This new era of mobile communication has also impacted the psychological environment. Telehealth [...]

  • what does telehealth mean in counseling

What does telehealth mean in counseling?

July 24th, 2022|

Telehealth therapy is the use of telecommunication technologies to provide remote health care services to patients. The primary goal of telehealth is to ensure that people suffering from moderate to manageable diseases receive care. While it is used for basic health issues, it has also been proven to be very effective for those that need mental health help as well. This is also known as [...]

  • is telehealth effective for psychotherapy

Is Telehealth Effective for Psychotherapy?

July 21st, 2022|

Adult and pediatric providers agree that providing care via telehealth (real-time visits via a smartphone, tablet, or computer with voice and video) has been critical during the pandemic and beneficial, even if many clinicians are now seeing patients in person. Telehealth's popularity grew during the pandemic but will most likely continue to be around for many years to come. Naturally, there are advantages and disadvantages. [...]

  • what is a telehealth in psychology

What is a telehealth in psychology?

July 19th, 2022|

As the world changes, people are relying more and more on telehealth for their care. Telehealth can be done over the computer, your phone, or anywhere you can access the internet. This makes it far more convenient than scheduling an appointment and making the trip. This sort of new technology has been evolving for several years. However, with the COVID 19 pandemic, it excelled and [...]