can telehealth help with anxiety

Anxiety is the most commonly diagnosed mental disease in both children and adults. One out of every 13 people suffers from an anxiety condition, which is further classified into three major categories: social phobia, panic disorder, and specific phobias.

Severe anxiety episodes can increase an individual’s quality of life while also putting a strain on the physical and mental healthcare providers who strive to care for this patient population. Telehealth services have been presented as a remedy to many of the problems connected with traditional treatment methods. Let’s look deeper into how telehealth treatment might help with anxiety.

Telehealth Counseling

Our goal in telehealth counseling is to offer psychological care using telehealth technologies. Telemedicine use has expanded significantly in recent years due to its unique characteristics such as accessibility, anonymity, low cost, and convenience. According to research, people suffering from anxiety disorders might benefit from expanded access to mental health care using telehealth services.

Telehealth counseling has been chastised for its lack of human touch and difficulty sustaining patient-provider connection over digital channels. However, several studies show this type of therapy is very effective. Patients feel more at ease conversing via video streaming than in person in many cases. This is especially true in cases where anxiety is involved. Many people have anxiety when going out in public or meeting new people. However, with the help of telehealth counseling, you can meet with Dr. Nisha Todi on your couch. There is no need to worry about having to get into traffic, going to an office, or meeting in person.

Telehealth Benefits for Anxiety Patients

There are various benefits of using telemedicine to treat mental health issues. For example, it improves access to care for many people while decreasing the number of missed visits. Furthermore, it has lowered transportation barriers to therapy. Also, patients who are embarrassed to seek care at local clinics can find peace in telehealth’s anonymity. With technology speed improving and getting more affordable, there is a good chance that telehealth counseling will become more widely used shortly. This is the future for many clinics that help patients with their anxiety.

Telehealth counseling is designed to be an alternative to face-to-face mental healthcare, including consultations and meetings with other providers such as psychiatrists or medical practitioners. Furthermore, some programs may involve follow-up visits with patients’ primary care physicians. This is also meant to improve their general quality of life and well-being.

With anxiety being so prevalent in everyday life for so many people, it is no wonder that telehealth services have been offered. Most people that suffer from anxiety prefer a telehealth session over a traditional face-to-face. Studies have shown that those receiving mental health care in this fashion are seeing similar, if not better, improvements than those receiving care face to face.

If you should want to try telehealth counseling or teletherapy, Dr. Nisha Todi is happy to help. She has been providing these types of services for several years now for those suffering from anxiety and would be happy to discuss your options. Don’t live with crippling anxiety. Reach out for help at 480-494-7589.