About Me and Education/Training


  • BA in Psychology – Bryn Mawr College
  • MS/Psy.D program – Chestnut Hill College (Philadelphia, PA).
  • Doctoral Internship at New Mexico State University
  • Postdoctoral Resident at Arizona State University.
  • Licensed in AZ (PSY4885)

My clinical practice over the last 10+ years has been focused on building a strong relationship with my patients. I try to create a safe, empathic, and nonjudgmental space to help my patients feel comfortable self-disclosing so that we can begin working on achieving their goals. I enjoy working collaboratively with my patients to ensure that their needs are being met.

I see therapy as like going to the gym for the mind. It’s a space where we can learn more about ourselves and increase our self-awareness about patterns that we have that don’t seem to be helpful anymore. By understanding the source of our pain/patterns we can feel more empowered to make the change.

I completed my Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D) at Chestnut Hill College in Philadelphia, PA. My training at Chestnut Hill College helped me to understand how our childhood experiences and relationships can continue to have an impact on our lives even into adulthood. I also began to explore more deeply how our varying identities can change and influence our view of the world. Having gone through my own multicultural journey as a second-generation Asian Indian American woman shaped my understanding of how culture and additional dimensions of diversity can influence the individual. Furthermore, my commitment to issues of diversity is demonstrated by my clinical and research training along with my past involvement in organizations such as Service and Education for Women against Abuse and my teaching internship in Kenya.

I continued my training by completing my doctoral internship at New Mexico State University and completing my postdoctoral residency at Arizona State University. Working at ASU and NMSU have continued to help me build upon my ability to conceptualize my clients with a multicultural lens because of the diverse clientele seeking services.

Through my clinical work, I have also developed a strong passion for working with trauma survivors. Traumatic events can have lasting effects on our worldview and cause us to experience shame, guilt, depression, low self-confidence, and anxiety. After a traumatic experience, we are often easily triggered and our worldview can become more negative. In my work with survivors, I focus on learning how to build stronger and healthier coping skills and decrease the impact of triggers. In addition, deconstructing our negative thoughts associated with the trauma can help change the emotional impact and allow us to lead a more fulfilling life.

I consider you to be an authentic, genuine Psychologist who is committed to the well-being of clients. Your interpersonal and psychodynamic perspectives can assist clients in making connections from past and current behaviors/patterns. You are an ethical and multiculturally-oriented Psychologist.

Statements from friends

Nisha is a friendly, vivacious, and caring individual who is dedicated to her family, her career, and her friends. She is outgoing and warm, and is always ready to help her friends, whether it is by lending a listening ear or a helping hand. Nisha is a person who operates with integrity and a friend who exudes loyalty and trust. She is passionate about her career and has worked tirelessly to learn and grow in her field so she can be of service to those who come to her for guidance and support.

Statements from friends