Dr. Nisha Todi
Clinical Psychologist in Arizona

Therapy on your terms. Within my practice, our focus is to improve your quality of life by clarifying your goals, helping you make decisions, changing unhelpful habits, and overcoming difficult experiences. I hope to collaboratively work towards achieving your goals and leading a healthier life style.

Dr. Nisha Todi
Clinical Psychologist in Arizona

Therapy on your terms. Creating a place where you can become the best version of yourself.

I value your time. If you want to know if we are a good fit, let’s schedule an introductory call!

My office is exclusively Telehealth

Improve all areas of your life, including:

  • self-confidence and self-awareness
  • balance work/personal time to reduce overwhelm
  • create fulfilling relationships
  • your relationship with money/finances
  • evaluate, set, and achieve your goals

“Courage doesn’t happen when you have all the answers. It happens when you are ready to face the questions you have been avoiding your whole life.”
― Shannon L. Alder

Welcome! You’ve just made the first courageous steps towards change, accepting that you want to live your life differently.

Now what?

Asking for help is challenging in itself without having to sift through numerous profiles to find the right therapist. It is difficult to know who will provide you with what you need. In order to avoid the barrier to the next step, which is scheduling an appointment, I encourage you to call me today for a free consultation and we can explore further how we can work together to meet your goals and ensure that we are a good fit. It is important in the therapist-patient relationship to feel that you and your therapist are connecting in a way that meets your needs.

Therapy is a place to feel safe, hopeful, and empowered to make the changes you want to make. My hope is that from our first contact you will begin to feel a sense of relief and feel comfortable with moving forward together.

Telehealth Provider

With all of the changes that have been happening around the COVID-19 challenge, we can successfully bridge the gap that was created by limiting physical contact. I value my clients and respect their time and concerns, so utilizing telehealth to continue with any therapy or treatment has been very successful. As always, we do adhere to strict privacy applications, so you may rest assured that it remains confidential.

Thank you for visiting my website and I wish you the best in your journey towards life fulfillment.

Lets work together on this…

Within my practice, our focus is to improve your quality of life by first clarifying your goals. We work together to help you make decisions, release thoughts or behaviors that are generating unhelpful habits, and if we discover something that is stopping you we work to remove it.

I work collaboratively with you towards achieving your goals and leading a healthier more successful life style that you have custom designed.

Whats holding you back?

Strategies and Information to become a better You!

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